Danish artist, Karina Meedom, is one of the new generation of “Skagen Artists”. She was educated in Denmark, where she studied drawing at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (1979-81), and the Graphic Design School of Art (1982-84), and painting at the Funen Kunstakademi (1988-93). She was awarded the prestigious Gold medal in 1991.

Meedom’s passion is color. Her art is inspired by the changing light and shades of the natural world. In 2010, after spending many years on Funen, Meedom relocated to Skagen, a renowned artists’ colony on the northern tip of Denmark, where she found inspiration in the natural world and the unusual quality of light that so profoundly affected such influential 19th century Skagen Artists as P.S. Kroyer and Anna Ancher.

“I get my inspiration from the outdoors. I walk along the seaside and the shapes and especially the colors help form my work. I try to understand the spiritual aspect of color, as well as the visual,” says Meedom, referencing painter, Wassily Kandinsky’s book The Spiritual In Art. “ My house is very old and hard to heat, so it gets very cold in the dark months. To keep warm, I dance in front of the canvas. It keeps my blood flowing, and I think the constant movement affects and inspires my painting in a kind of kinetic way.”

In the summer of 2014, Karina, who had been almost blind in one eye, underwent surgery that improved her sight and altered her depth perspective, leading her to a deeper appreciation of Perspective in her paintings as well as of graphics which she has explored and expressed through the medium of black and white linoleum prints.

For Meedom, the desire to inform is part of the creative process. She has taught at seminaries, and other institutions in Denmark and in 2004 established an art school for children on the island of Sealand in the city of Sorø, which she led from 2004 until 2006.

An active arts advocate, Meedom is a member of a board of artists, whose concern is protecting the rights and improving opportunities and working conditions of professional artists.

Karina Meedom’s work has been sold to institutions, municipalities and private collectors in Denmark and abroad.